Endosphere for sanatoriums

Most modern sanatoriums today offer their visitors a wide range of services aimed at health. In order for the procedures to be carried out as efficiently, safely, and conveniently as possible for both the patient and the specialist, high-quality and professional equipment is a prerequisite. The endosphere for sanatoriums has become a real find and deservedly enjoys high popularity. The Corporis company is a reliable distributor of the original endosphere devices, which have gained worldwide recognition.

Features of the endosphere therapy

The endosphere devices were created by Italian specialists, and after the devices were successfully tested in leading European university clinics. This hardware technique has a proven clinical result and has no analogs in the world.

Endosphere therapy is in every sense a unique way to get rid of cellulite, correct the face oval and silhouette, with a powerful general healing effect for the patient’s body. The technique is based on compression micro-vibration, thanks to which, using the device, it is possible to obtain impressive results without discomfort, pain, and bruising.

The interactive handpiece of the device is equipped with a touch sensor that allows one to determine the required intensity of exposure in each individual case. Due to this, an unsurpassed and lasting result is achieved, which is already noticeable after the first session.

The main effects of endosphere therapy include:

  • modeling of the figure;
  • visible anti-cellulite effect;
  • reduction of body fat;
  • improvement of the skin condition;
  • increased production of elastin and collagen in the body;
  • getting rid of inflammation and pain;
  • activation of lymphatic drainage and blood circulation.

The endosphere device for sanatoriums has a cylindrical maniple, which consists of many silicone spheres, which rotate at different speeds during the session, creating a pulsating compression effect on the patient’s body. The combination of compression and vibration acts on the principle of a lymphatic pump, which activates the regenerative processes in the human body. After the session, the patient will feel energy and lightness throughout the body.

Endosphere devices are the best solution for sanatoriums

Endosphere for sanatoriums is a safe and effective method that has proven to be 100% effective. Сorporis offers a wide range of endosphere devices for sanatoriums at competitive prices. The best models are available, capable of providing guaranteed clinical results in work.

The presence of endosphere devices in the sanatorium will not only help to equip it with modern and safe equipment but will also significantly expand the range of services provided. This procedure is very popular due to its high efficiency, safety, and lack of side effects. Thus, it is possible to increase both the customer base and profits. If you have any questions, you can always contact Сorporis employees for the advice!