EndoSpheres Eva

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With the help of the Endospheres Eva device, it is possible to carry out a modern rejuvenation technique that allows one to effectively deal with age-related changes of the skin of the face, neck, and décolleté. This model is suitable for all skin types and perfect for all ages.

Benefits of the Endospheres Eva beauty device

The use of the Endospheres Eva device allows one to solve the problems associated with skin aging through deep stimulation. As a result, the natural production of elastin and collagen increases in the body, and the skin layer and muscles are rebuilt. As a result – beautiful, smooth, toned, and elastic skin.

Benefits of using the Endospheres Eva are the following:

  • the immediate positive result after the first session;
  • no restrictions, side effects, and the need for rehabilitation;
  • in one session, there is an increase in microcirculation, tissue tightening, smoothing wrinkles, and the disappearance of puffiness;
  • the procedure is painless and completely safe;
  • the ability to treat the most delicate areas of the skin around the eyes.

Procedures can be carried out both for women and men, regardless of age and season. This may be rehabilitation after significant emotional or physical stress, after long flights. What is more, the procedures are recommended for the prevention and correction of age-related changes.

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Features of the Endospheres Eva device

mas handpiece

Mas Tip

The device is able to smooth out wrinkles and carry out superficial peeling using ablative micro-vibration technology.

VEV tip

VEV tip

Activation of metabolism at the cellular level is achieved due to the presence of vibrations and electrical appliances, which allow one to deeply nourish the tissues.

face handpiece

Handpiece for the face (FACE)

It has a positive effect on cellular tonicity, tissue oxygenation and microcirculation occur, toxins are actively eliminated.

compressive microvibration

Technologically advanced Endospheres Eva is the perfect solution for complex facial rejuvenation. The Eva model includes three integrated methods (FACE, MAS, and VEV) that are capable of completely regenerating muscles and skin. A positive result is achieved in an effective, safe, and non-invasive way.


Made in Italy

To improve the safety and quality of the device, the best "Made in Italy" raw materials have been selected.

Clinically tested

Universities and medical institutes show excellent clinical results

Effective and safe

Safe and clinically proven therapy

Guaranteed Success

Goals are achieved, customers are happy





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