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The VIP-Line hi-line fitness for the lazy ones

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VIP-Line devices are called fitness for the lazy ones. This device is a universal express complex capable of influencing human muscles using electrical impulses. Due to this, the muscles begin to contract, as during a normal workout. The result is a correction of the human figure, an increase in muscle mass, an attractive relief, and a toned body.

Additional benefits of this method of body shaping include the removal of excess fluid and toxins from the body, detoxification, and acceleration of metabolic processes. Thanks to this, a person not only changes visually but also significantly improves well-being and the general condition of the body. Body shaping using the VIP-Line device should be carried out under the supervision of a specialist and after consultation with a qualified doctor.

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Benefits of the VIP Line

Body shaping using the VIP-Line apparatus is a great way for those who are eager to significantly improve their figure, but do not want or cannot exercise regularly and follow strict diets.

Advantages of the VIP Line:


The product is perfect for both women and men of any age category. All the necessary parameters for the session are selected by the specialist individually.

Additional effect

In addition to the pronounced fat-burning effect, patients note that their skin becomes more elastic, the body acquires a beautiful relief, and becomes toned.

Quick result

The duration of each procedure is usually 15-20 minutes. During this period, the patient's waist can decrease to 3-4 centimeters.

Long-lasting effect

The device trains the muscles, which allows to fix the result for several months. To keep them longer, you will have to follow the recommendations of a specialist.


During all sessions, the patient does not experience any discomfort or pain. After the sessions, there is no muscle pain, bruising, swelling, or other marks on the skin.

Indication and operation of the VIP line

Indications for the use of the VIP-Line may be fatty deposits, the presence of cellulite, or being overweight. The device perfectly helps people with flabby and weakened muscles and sagging skin. The device effectively reduces wrinkles, puffiness, blurring of the face contour, and double chin. Quite often, as patients you can meet women rehabilitating after childbirth, because VIP-Line helps to quickly tighten the breasts, make the buttocks more elastic and make the stomach flat.

The main effects of VIP-Line procedures include the loss of extra pounds and centimeters, as well as the transformation and correction of the figure. Fat deposits are locally eliminated, a sports figure is formed, and muscle tension increases.

Smoothing of nasolabial folds and wrinkles is visible, the skin becomes more elastic. Excess water is removed from the body, which reduces puffiness, dark circles under the eyes, and other cosmetic imperfections.


Clinically tested

Universities and medical institutes show excellent clinical results

Effective and safe

Safe and clinically proven therapy

Guaranteed Success

Goals are achieved, customers are happy

Devices can be used with or instead of structured learning. Products help to improve the sports performance, promote rapid regeneration of the body after physical exertion and sports injuries.

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