About Us

Welcome to our official Corporis website!

We are a distribution company that specializes in cosmetology devices that provide effective face and body skin care.

Only the best offers from the distributor of cosmetic equipment

Cosmetic equipment distributor Corporis offers the most successful and effective items that have proven their reputation and are well-deservedly popular all over the world!

All presented samples of equipment have the following qualities:

  • extensive functionality;
  • guaranteed result;
  • no side effects;
  • significant economic potential;
  • long service life.

Our company provides for consultations and training of personnel, repairs, and a full cycle of service maintenance of devices in Poland.

Goals and objectives of Corporis

The strategy of our company is based on the desire of a person to become healthy and beautiful, so our grateful customers inspire us for further professional activities that allow us to give people beauty and happiness with the help of our devices.

We know for sure that our equipment is capable of creating real miracles in the hands of a skilled specialist!

The hard and responsible work of employees of medical clinics and beauty salons can be compared with the activities of famous sculptors or artists who know a lot about the beauty of people and are able to emphasize their natural uniqueness and individuality. The results of the work always please patients, because by improving the appearance and health, they lead to an increase in self-esteem and social status of a person.

Corporis operates in Poland and Italy. Combining our own desire to serve the health and beauty of people, we have formulated a corporate motto: “The art of working with the body” and we continue to follow it relentlessly in our activities.

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