EndoSpheres AkBody


The Italian device Endospheres AkBody is designed for body shaping. The operation of the device is based on the principles of vibration and compression, due to which the device transmits low-frequency vibrations that affect tissues.

Anti-cellulite device Endospheres AkBody

The device Endospheres AkBody has found its active application in the field of aesthetic and sports medicine, phlebolymphology.

The advantages of the device include the following qualities:

  • the noticeable visual effect after the first session;
  • a non-invasive method that helps to avoid skin injury;
  • no side effects, significant rehabilitation, and restrictions;
  • sessions can be held regularly, regardless of the current season;
  • during the session, microcirculation and tissue toning are simultaneously improved, wrinkles are smoothed out and swelling disappears.

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The Endospheres AkBody anti-cellulite device



The joystick performs the functions of activating the device and regulates the direction and frequency of the discharge.



The device is equipped with a touch screen with a diagonal of 9 inches. The monitor allows one to get the most convenient access to available programs and data recorded on the device.


Interactive tip

It provides ease of care and disinfection, which guarantees safety for both the patient and the person conducting the procedure.


Cylindrical rotor

AkBody, due to a complex electronic device, controls the functions of a movable handle, on which a “cylindrical rotor” is installed, which transmits the impact on the tissues.

compressive microvibration

13 steps to gradual and personalized treatment according to the patient’s morphology.


Made in Italy

To improve the safety and quality of the device, the best "Made in Italy" raw materials have been selected.

Clinically tested

Universities and medical institutes show excellent clinical results

Effective and safe

Safe and clinically proven therapy

Guaranteed Success

Goals are achieved, customers are happy





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Endospheres AkBody therapy is completely painless and takes an average of 60 minutes. A noticeable result is achieved after the first session, 6-18 treatments are required to achieve a lasting and clear effect.

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