EndoSpheres AK Sensor


Endospheres AK Sensor is a broad-spectrum device that is actively used for body shaping with a safe and guaranteed effect. Initially, the device was created in Italy and was intended for rehabilitation treatment among professional athletes. Over time, the device has gained popularity in the field of aesthetic cosmetology.

Benefits of the Endospheres AK Sensor

The device Endospheres AK Sensor has found its application in aesthetic and sports medicine and serves as an effective assistant in rehabilitation. The absence of analogs in the world should be attributed to the features of the device as it is the only device in the world that can select the optimal power and independently highlight the zones of fibrous cellulite.

Patients will be able to notice the first positive effects after the first session – a combination of aesthetic and therapeutic effects. A lasting effect will be maintained with the right lifestyle and nutrition, as well as the passage of a full cycle of procedures.

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Features the Endospheres AK Sensor



The convenient control handle is capable to facilitate the work of the therapist. Used to turn on the device, and adjust the frequency and direction of its operation.


More power

It was possible to increase the efficiency of the device by using a pressure sensor, which increased the frequency of the device from 254 Hz to 355 Hz.



The presence of internal sensors helps to regulate the pressure required for the application of the procedure, depending on the type of tissue, the morphology of the patient, and the number of sessions already performed. Suitable values ​​are selected individually, depending on the personal characteristics of each patient.


Touch-sensitive tip

An effective and updated tip is able to inform the beautician not only about the frequency of the radiation and the direction of the discharge but also about the pressure on the skin. The touch-sensitive tip contains 55 special silicone balls arranged in a specific order.

compressive microvibration

The software capabilities of the Endospheres AK Sensor allow one to automatically select the optimal vibration frequency and pressure. This allows one to personalize each session, increasing the effectiveness of treatment and optimizing working time.


Made in Italy

To improve the safety and quality of the device, the best "Made in Italy" raw materials have been selected.

Clinically tested

Universities and medical institutes show excellent clinical results

Effective and safe

Safe and clinically proven therapy

Guaranteed Success

Goals are achieved, customers are happy





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