Mantis Trisom


Mantis Trisom is an innovative device created by Italian engineers. This device is able to successfully cope with the tasks of removing gray, velour, and blond hair. For the first time in 2021, the Mantis Trisom device was introduced, which became a real breakthrough in the field of cosmetology.

Mantis Trisom - the evolution of progressive hair removal

The proven efficiency of the laser is 5 times higher than that of any analogs on the market. The main advantage of the device is the triple action, which is based on different wave depths combined in one device. Due to this, Mantis Trisom is able to help even in cases where other devices are powerless.

The Mantis Trisom Italian device is the first device that allows one to work with three types of laser waves simultaneously. The capabilities of alexandrite, diode, and neodymium lasers are combined in one device.

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Works at three different depths:

The stack of LEDs consists of 6 strips with WAVES of 3 DIFFERENT RANGES that work simultaneously. TRISOM operates at three different depths:

  • 760 nm> Alexandrite wavelength
  • 808 nm > typical diode wavelength
  • 1064 nm > neodymium-doped YAG wavelength

Features of the Mantis Trisom device

mantis trisom


Thanks to a wavelength of 760 nm, the alexandrite laser allows one to work with light hair. This is a rather short laser wave that affects the hair, the area around the sebaceous glands, and hair follicles.



The wave of the diode laser allows to destroy the hair follicle itself, and its radiation is absorbed by melanin, which makes it extremely effective when working with dark skin.



The neodymium laser, so to say, contacts with the capillaries that feed the hair follicles. Since the hair is deprived of nutrition, in the coming days hairs begin to fall out. This type of laser beam is very poorly absorbed by melanin, so it is often used on tanned or very dark skin.

Thanks to its unique and combined action, the Mantis Trisom device allows one to work with a wide variety of hair and skin types, including those that have not previously been subjected to laser hair removal using other devices.



Affects the entire anatomy of the hair throughout the body due to the simultaneous action of 3 wavelengths.



Suitable for all phototypes, even for tanned skin.


2 operating modes: basic and professional.


The lightest handpiece in the world of diode lasers.


Easy and immediate display.


Can be used at up to 12 Hz.

Advantages of the Mantis Trisom

The Mantis Trisom device has several crucial and significant advantages. The device is equipped with the Fibra Cool HP cooling system, which provides gentle and painless therapy even in the most sensitive areas.

Thanks to three types of waves, Mantis Trisom can be used on any skin phototype, providing effective epilation regardless of the season. The device shows high results in the fight against gray as well as blond hair, which previously could not be dealt with by other devices. The large surface of the contact handle deserves special attention, which can significantly reduce the time of all procedures.

The device uses liquid-filled optical fiber for fast and high-quality hair removal. This makes it possible to simultaneously increase the reliability of the laser and make it as convenient as possible to use due to the uniform distribution of laser energy.